Fly Lady!

I am a member of a community on LJ that does (or in my case tries to do) Fly Lady.

One member suggested we support each other with posting before and after hotspot pictures.

Here is my first post…

I have since decided that new baskets are needed.  I got two suggestions – one to make liners for the plastic boxes – but seeing as my sewing machine is buried under Allan’s things (*glare*) I have decided a couple of new baskets are in order as if nothing is peeking out or can be seen it will look so much better!

So, hopefully, tomorrow we will be getting some new baskets!


Inspired, or is that shamed, by [info]chanda_m I took her up on her challenge to photograph before and after hot spots.

It is the evening so I decided to take pictures of all the hot spots I wanted to work on in the kitchen, half of the downstairs and then choose two.

I can’t get the LJ cut to work so will limit to one hot spot per day photograph wise, though I hope to get more done!

Literally in this apartment (which my darling husband chose declaring it had lots of storage) we have three drawers – so we hit up Walmart for a hutch and larder.  This is the top of the hutch.  Yes, that is the ceiling!!

Before.  Laziness meant that the pup’s brushes and treats aren’t in the right baskets and the laundry supplies are all over the place.

After. Not much difference… I wanted it to look “pretty” and it DOESN’T! (Having a sulk here as I conquer Mount Laundry).

Any suggestions to make it look nicer?  I guess I could move the pup’s papers from there…

This is take 2 of after. I swopped the treats to the smaller basket and moved the HUGE bag of treats upstairs where they get their bedtime treats anyway. (In other words I put it off, hoping it would be finished before I get to upstairs!). Plus I moved the papers.

I am a transplant from the UK to Canada and if one more person says “Oh, the houses over there are sooooo much smaller!” I will have a fit!  We are living in a tiny 2 up 2 down here and before I left the UK I had a 5 bedroom detached house to myself! And it had storage!! Everywhere!!