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Caramel Apple Oat Slices

I am actually pretty nervous about posting this… because I made it at 9pm last evening and it is now just after 1pm the next day and only half of it remains… Now,… Continue reading

Apple Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

As part of my continuing (and successful!!) efforts to have us eat at least seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day and also in an effort to find a simple, yet seemingly… Continue reading

Apple Scones

I have always loved scones, and apples.  Separately. But today I had some left over Empire apples after making the Slow Cooker Apple Butter so I decided to make some of these Apple… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

I had never heard of Apple Butter until two years ago and when I did, in my mind, it was like garlic butter – butter with apples incorporated into it. It didn’t seem… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Apple Cobbler

I don’t like cake mixes. I really can’t see the point of them as making your own mix is just as easy as opening a box and much better as you know it… Continue reading

Apple Sandwiches!

Today I started my journey from fatness to fitness and so am looking for fun, healthy ways to eat more raw food while not feeling like I am on a detox and therefore… Continue reading

Apple Cheddar Oven Pancake

Happy New Year to everyone! I don’t know what resolutions anyone has made but one of mine is to spend time doing things I love that will help me feel better about myself… Continue reading

Sheet Pan Apple Pie

As most of us do, I follow and read lots of food blogs.  And yesteday morning this delight popped up in my inbox.  So, despite it being 8am and Allan and I just getting… Continue reading

Kate and Pauline’s Apple Crumble Cake

I have to be honest from the outset, there was a lot of stress and “mishaps” with this cake. I had been given some beautiful heritage apples and was determined to make the most… Continue reading

Heritage Apples

These apples were gifted to me by someone who came to collect something from Freecycle.  Their kindness made my day and will be long in my memory. Tomorrow, they are being turned into… Continue reading