A bit about me.

My name is Alison.  I am an average person, average in height, average in abilities, average in weight (okay, averagely above average in this one), and average in everything else.

However, I am married to the most spectacularly wonderful man in the Universe, Allan, (I have stats to prove it!), have the most gorgeous, smart and brave puppy, Bob, (we have a theme song to prove these claims, three verses and a bridge!) living at the moment a spectacularly un-average life.

I moved from Northern Ireland to Canada for love and haven’t regretted it for a moment, despite missing my family so much.

I tend to the OCD, as in my poor husband can’t set the cap of a pop bottle down before I scoop it up (see, told you I had stats about his spectacularness!), though Bob has toys everywhere and I somehow seem to cope with this.

I love cooking and baking, despite my spectacularly average abilities.  I make the best corn soup in the world which my husband hates.

I tend to ramble and when writing I have no internal filter and get distracted by whatever pops into my head.  I am working on this.  However, it means that when I start to write about a particular recipe I might get there via random stories and thoughts.

If it’s pink and sparkly I need it.  Allan has accepted this and has become an enabler.  What can I say, more stats that he is the best man ever.

It makes me smile when I see that my posts have been read.  It makes me smile when someone comments.  And it makes me happy that someone might even try some of the recipes I write about.  I am sure that anyone who does will make them better than me, but that makes me happy too.

I love Allan.  I love Bob.  I love feeding people.  And I love happiness, too.

Life is good.

Life is getter better!

We moved from the fly in rez to live permanently in Southern Ontario.  We are in a small fiveplex while we decide where to buy.  My response is always “in the countryside”.  Not all that helpful, admittedly.

Allan’s sons are closer and he is about to become a grandfather, which means I will be married to a grandfather.  My mother though it hilarious I potentially was to be a step-grandmother until I pointed out it meant she would be a step-greatgrandmother.

That conversation eneded abruptly! And, oh, how I am going to love reminding her.

Bob has graduated from his training class (albeit beginner, I am as proud as if it was a Doctorate.)  He starts intermediate in the middle of August, fingers crossed for that one!

I am not all that well right now, but my heroes, Allan and Bob look after me well and noone is getting past them to me.  I am well protected.

Though if they wear a trash bag Bob is off…  he will tree a bear, chase off wolves, coyotes and wild dogs but faced with a trash bag…  all bets are off.



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