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Lazy Weekend French Toast

French Toast is so simple, so delicious and something that can be changed to suit your mood so easily.  It is perfect for a long, lazy weekend when you don’t want to actually… Continue reading

Peanut Butter Pancakes

In a house that loves pancakes,  it is not unusual for them to appear on the breakfast menu, nor is peanut butter on them that irregular.  But peanut butter IN the pancake batter… Continue reading

Poached Scrambled Eggs

Ever since Delia Smith’s “How to Cook –  Book One” showed me that I had never really poached an egg in my life I have always used her technique of poaching eggs in… Continue reading

Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast

This is a make ahead recipe, which is wonderful if you actually remembered that the evening before and didn’t make it at 8am on a snowy May morning, (yes, I am looking for… Continue reading

Breakfast Ham Samhs

Judge me all you want but I have developed a real addiction to “Duck Dynasty”. So much so that Allan has deemed it safe to grow a beard (he says for me, but… Continue reading

Great Aunt Florence’s “Strawberry Cheesecake” French Toast (or what to do with the leftovers you create while using leftovers…)

Using left overs to make a new dish, usually doesn’t lead to even more left overs, but this morning it did and it was a good thing. Great Aunt Florence’s “Strawberry Cheesecake” French… Continue reading

Doughnut French Toast

When I made doughnuts a couple of days ago I knew there would be left over doughnuts to use. “Left over doughnuts?”, I hear you ask quizzically.  Yes, left over doughnuts, those rare… Continue reading

Chunky Garlic Home Fries

Home Fried and Eggs; a perfectly indulgent breakfast and very filling brunch.  And these home fries couldn’t be easier, just dice the potatoes, season and leave to their own devices to cook with… Continue reading

Viennese Oven Pancakes (Kaiser Schmarrn)

Continuing my pancake obsession… this is another oven baked pancake, but unlike the Dutch Babies the eggs whites are beaten to stiff peaks as with the “Frost Up Your Life” pancakes I made… Continue reading

Frost Your Life’s Pancakes

Another pancake recipe! This recipe is a bit fussier, with the egg whites being beaten to peaks and then folded into the rest of the ingredients, which gives a really light, fluffy pancake… Continue reading