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I do love things with cute or unusual names, and while this is just a quick way to use up some left over pastry, or pie crust, it has a cute name. Bumblebees!… Continue reading

Mini Chicken and Broccoli Pot Pies

Who doesn’t love a pot pie on a cold winter’s night?  Or during the spring when the snow is still four feet deep and snow is falling and you are on Spring Break?… Continue reading

Vinegar Pie Crust

Finding the perfect pie crust is an ongoing quest for me.   I have several crust recipes that I love, but I just seem to find it impossible to leave the quest.  And… Continue reading

Chicken Divan Pot Pie

Continuing in my efforts to find the perfect pastry/pie crust and to ensure that not one crumb of left overs are wasted, I have been using the latest recipe for sweet and savoury… Continue reading

Pie Crust

I have a confession. I am not in a committed relationship.  Not even slightly. I am still trying to find that perfect one. “My” pie crust recipe. It evades me.  I find many… Continue reading

Ground Beef Meat Pie

A few months ago, while watching a football match, Allan told me about how he used to go to matches and get the meat pies.  And then he told me about his mom… Continue reading


The truth is that the first time I made samosas was because someone told me I couldn’t.  Believe me, there are many things I have done for that very reason.  Most of them… Continue reading

Butter Tarts

There were many things I discovered for the first time when I moved to Canada. Most of them good, some of them confusing. If I say, “Do I have any post?” in the… Continue reading