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First weeks menu plan

I am planning to make my own bread, and at the moment have a lot of salad greens still in the garden, plus some beans and hopefully soon several cauliflower (raccoons permitting, they did… Continue reading

The Weekly Challenge begins!

I have decided to set myself a challenge.

Nothing difficult, but in an attempt to both get Allan and I eating more vegetables and fruits I am setting myself a challenge; for one week we shall both eat at least the recommended seven portions of fruit and vegetables day.  I fully intend to keep this up for the future but decided to set it a week at a time for now.

And on top of that, just to keep things interesting I decided to add in a budgetary constraint too.

I have been reading and it seems that in Canada the average for one person per month for food is

(I am vegetarian so you would think that this is easy, but as Allan doesn’t like vegetables and wants spaghetti bolognese every night it isn’t as simple as you might think…)

Canada Day Trifle

I made this for Canada Day and am only now getting around to posting it. Nothing special, just a flat trifle/poke cake decorated with cream and strawberries to make the Canadian flag. What… Continue reading

Helpful Tips!

Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store. If you leave them connected at the stem, they ripen faster.   Store your opened chunks of cheese in aluminum foil. It… Continue reading

Tips to make your life easier…

I got this in an email from my cousin, Anne.  I haven’t tried most of them, but some sound like really great ideas! Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier Why didn’t I think… Continue reading

Fly Lady Part 2

This is scarey.  Showing my mess to the world.  But at the same time cathartic. I have decided that Part One will be redone this afternoon, once I can get my husband to… Continue reading

Fly Lady!

I am a member of a community on LJ that does (or in my case tries to do) Fly Lady. One member suggested we support each other with posting before and after hotspot… Continue reading

Handmade Jewellery

A good friend of mine has just started to sell jewellery that she makes. It is all custom made and designed, the colours and size are all negotiated before she makes each piece. Her… Continue reading

The Joy of Cleaning!

I can’t sleep, so what else would I be doing than reading all my favourite cooking blogs and searching for more pancake recipes? After finding approx another dozen recipes for pancakes than I… Continue reading

Bob’s graduation picture

Yes, I am absolutely twitterpatted over Bob. But, how could I not be? This is his grad picture from last week. He gets a week for a break then starts his intermediate class.… Continue reading