Breakfast Ham Samhs

Judge me all you want but I have developed a real addiction to “Duck Dynasty”.

So much so that Allan has deemed it safe to grow a beard (he says for me, but really he can’t be bothered to shave!) and I actually like it.

Phrases like “he gone” and “happy, happy, happy” are forever being heard in this house.

And this breakfast sandwich was inspired by a need to make Allan a filling breakfast and real need to actually use the word “samh” at some point.

Breakfast Ham Samh

Breakfast Ham Samh

Breakfast Ham Samh (Samh is pronounced Sam-hitch)

  • Bread roll – toasted
  • Two slices of ham
  • Slices of cheese
  • Knob of butter
  • 2 eggs
  • Sliced tomatoes (in an aim to bring some healthy aspect to the samh)
  • Miracle Whip (heck, if I am going redneck I’m goin’ all the way! Plus, I actually like it.)

Toast your roll until golden.

Meanwhile whisk eggs and pour into a heated pan with the butter melted in it.  Allow eggs to spread out and cook in a thin sheet.

Smear (yes, smear, no spreading here! It’s a samh!) the miracle whip as thickly as you choose.

Top with ham, cheese and sliced tomatoes.

Fold the egg over and fill the roll.

Then enjoy your ham samh!!

The sign says "Ham Samh"

The sign says “Ham Samh”