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Peanut Butter Pancakes

In a house that loves pancakes,  it is not unusual for them to appear on the breakfast menu, nor is peanut butter on them that irregular.  But peanut butter IN the pancake batter… Continue reading

Yoghurt Pancakes

I don’t usually make pancakes for Allan’s breakfast on days he is going to work, but this morning I felt he needed a bit of spoiling.  And as yoghurt had been on my… Continue reading

Viennese Oven Pancakes (Kaiser Schmarrn)

Continuing my pancake obsession… this is another oven baked pancake, but unlike the Dutch Babies the eggs whites are beaten to stiff peaks as with the “Frost Up Your Life” pancakes I made… Continue reading

Frost Your Life’s Pancakes

Another pancake recipe! This recipe is a bit fussier, with the egg whites being beaten to peaks and then folded into the rest of the ingredients, which gives a really light, fluffy pancake… Continue reading

Pancakes a la iHop

I LOVE pancakes and I must have at least twenty different recipes for them, which I use regularly!  So, when I see the advertisements on TV for iHop I am seriously envious that… Continue reading

Apple Cheddar Oven Pancake

Happy New Year to everyone! I don’t know what resolutions anyone has made but one of mine is to spend time doing things I love that will help me feel better about myself… Continue reading

Chocolate Orange Pancakes

It’s Sunday morning which means several things but one of them is… PANCAKES! Yeah, I know.  I really do need therapy. But seriously, chocolate orange pancakes?? How could I not? These were a… Continue reading

Kiwi Fruit Oven Pancakes

As anyone who has read more than a couple of my posts know, I am completely obsessed with pancakes.  I have no idea why but there it is and I am in therapy… Continue reading

Swedish Pancakes

Once more, I am making pancakes.  These are more crepes than the traditional North American pancakes. I am flying out today for an appointment and won’t be back until late tomorrow, so I… Continue reading

Kroppsua – Finnish Pancakes

By my reckoning this is the sixteenth pancake recipe I have posted.  Sixteen!! And I have another seven or eight lined up…  This is definitely a pancake obsession.  But I am very okay… Continue reading