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Creamy Garlic Chicken and Ham Pasta

This is a great way to use any left over roast chicken, but is also worth roasting a chicken breast to make. Most of the recipes I use are simple, utilising a lot… Continue reading

Mini Vegetable Pot Pies

This was basically the same recipe as for the Mini Chicken Pot Pies I made before, but being that it is vegetarian I wanted to post it as well.  These were slightly overdone… Continue reading

Mini Bolognese Pies

I had some left over bolognese sauce and decided to use it as a pie filling, instead of reheating to use on spaghetti for a second evening, and then decided to make mini… Continue reading

Mini Chicken and Broccoli Pot Pies

Who doesn’t love a pot pie on a cold winter’s night?  Or during the spring when the snow is still four feet deep and snow is falling and you are on Spring Break?… Continue reading

Vinegar Pie

Now we are settled into our new home I have been doing a lot of reading. We don’t have TV here (at least for now) and that is probably no bad thing. I… Continue reading

Fruit Tart with Pastry Cream for Pi Day

To make this Pi Day Fruit Tart I used Vinegar Pie Crust and Pastry Cream.  I wanted to make mini tarts because they are cute and because I can make just a few,… Continue reading

Pastry Cream

Pastry Cream is something I have wanted to make for a long time, but that I felt intimidated by.  And now I have made it I haven’t the slightest clue why I was… Continue reading

Chicken Divan Pot Pie

Continuing in my efforts to find the perfect pastry/pie crust and to ensure that not one crumb of left overs are wasted, I have been using the latest recipe for sweet and savoury… Continue reading

Peaches and Cream Pie

I have no recollection where I found this recipe, which means I can’t credit it.  That is not good.  Sorry. However, I had to share it as I was so pleased at how… Continue reading

Moving Faux Fool

After a hiatus in the South of Ontario, Allan took another Principal-ship in the North.  Which meant moving.  Which meant that everything had to go into storage and all the odd things in the back… Continue reading