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Perfectly perfect Strawberry Sauce

If you are into healthy eating, on a diet or just don’t want to be tempted to have to dash straight to your stove stop reading now. Seriously. This sauce is perfect, wonderful,… Continue reading

Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast

This is a make ahead recipe, which is wonderful if you actually remembered that the evening before and didn’t make it at 8am on a snowy May morning, (yes, I am looking for… Continue reading

Apple Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

As part of my continuing (and successful!!) efforts to have us eat at least seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day and also in an effort to find a simple, yet seemingly… Continue reading

Strawberry Shortcake

This is what I grew up believing Strawberry Shortcake was.  A cartoon character.  A doll. Then sometime in my twenties I discovered that it was also actually a dessert. I was floored. It… Continue reading

Pie for Pi Day – Summer Strawberry Sour Cream Pie

Before I begin there are some public service warnings that need to be made. Firstly, this post contains graphic images of what can only be described as food porn. Secondly, it will send… Continue reading

Stuffed French Toast – Cream Cheese and strawberries

This sort of started out as an experiment three summers ago.  A friend told me that one of their favourite sandwiches was cream cheese and sliced strawberries. Well, how could I not test… Continue reading

Vanilla Cupcakes with strawberry filling and chocolate glaze

I woke up this morning with the obsessive need to bake cupcakes.  It wasn’t just that I wanted to bake cupcakes, I needed to.  As I always have a long list of things… Continue reading

Strawberry Muffins

Muffins have been an obsession of mine since moving to Canada.  At first, I was scared of them as my first attempts didn’t look like the bloated muffins I had seen in fancy… Continue reading