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Indian Peanut Stew

I had a problem this morning.  I have four pieces of naan left in the fridge from yesterday.  And somehow I didn’t get up in the middle of the night to eat them. … Continue reading

Naan Bread

I love Naan Bread.  Especially garlic naan.  Which explains why there were 12 pieces of naan made but only 9 left to take pictures of by the time they were all cooked… I… Continue reading

Onion Bhaji

I love Onion Bhajis.  As in I really, really love them.  My mom used to buy them for me years ago from Marks and Spencer of all places and I adored them. Now,… Continue reading


The truth is that the first time I made samosas was because someone told me I couldn’t.  Believe me, there are many things I have done for that very reason.  Most of them… Continue reading