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Meatball Subs

Super simple and a great lunch. I used the Cheese Stuffed Barbecue Meatballs and served them on a toasted sub, topped with some parmesan cheese.

Tuna Melt Sandwich

A tuna melt sandwich, perfect for when a quick lunch is needed, but you want something more than a plain sandwich.  I make lunch for Allan every day when he comes home from… Continue reading

Taco Grilled Cheese

I have a confession.  I really don’t like grilled cheese sandwiches. Okay, just throw me out of Canada, take away my rights to everything and even burn me at the stake. But seriously…… Continue reading

Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sandwiches

This is by no means a recipe. It is just a sandwich filling suggestion for an Afternoon Tea. I just suggest that you let the cream cheese come to room temperature, peel the… Continue reading

Now, that is a sandwich!!

Not a recipe, just a picture of the huge sandwiches I made yesterday. See?? I don’t just eat trifle and pancakes!

Grilled Cheese, Onion, Red Pepper and Spinach Sandwich

Do you remember the first thing you ever ate in a restaurant, paid for with your own money and felt grown up eating? I do. It was lunch in a bistro in Belfast,… Continue reading

Grilled Cheese and Scallion Sandwich

I am a bit behind, as I have just discovered that April is Grilled Cheese Month… The three other grilled cheese sandwiches I made earlier in the month were, unknowingly my first offerings… Continue reading

Tomato Croque Monsieur Sandwich

Yesterday we got four decent looking tomatoes at the store! Yes, I know that isn’t newsworthy in most places, but here it is amazing.  The store here is the worst stocked in any… Continue reading

Toasted peanut butter, banana, cheese, apple and cinnamon sandwich

When I posted my Apple Pie Sandwich I expected to have everyone say things like, “Eww!! Cheese and apple?”. Yet, it seems that everyone who commented actually thought it was a great idea,… Continue reading

Hot Apple Pie Sandwiches

I got this recipe and was at once intrigued and repelled. Apple and cheese? Together? I had to give it a go. It sounded too horrible not to be great! Substitutions, there were… Continue reading