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Mini Bolognese Pies

I had some left over bolognese sauce and decided to use it as a pie filling, instead of reheating to use on spaghetti for a second evening, and then decided to make mini… Continue reading

Lasagne Rolls

I am married to a man I adore. And who, in turn, adores me, ice cream, pasta and Bob Dylan.  I am not sure that I have his priority list in the right… Continue reading

Martha Stewart’s Italian Pot Pie

I was determined to make this despite one huge problem. They are pot pies, and I don’t have pots… So mine is an Italian Pyrex Dish Pie. And I am happy with that!… Continue reading

Slow-Cooker Beef and Rosemary Pasta Sauce

Anyone who knows anything about us knows two basic things (okay four… I adore pancake recipes and Bob and Echo are spoilt.).  I love my slow cooker and Allan would eat pasta three… Continue reading

Grilled Cheese Experiments

Today I decided it might be fun to try to “tart up” the standard grilled cheese again. I had started this before, but there can never be too much of a good thing… Continue reading

Delia Smith’s Traditional Roast Beef

At the moment I am up to my eyeballs and even over my head packing for our move.  I am about finished as we have taken a lot of our luggage out to… Continue reading

Mexican Lasagne

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And Happy Anniversary to my baby sister and her lovely husband.  It amazes me that my baby sister is so grown up with babies of her own now.  I… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Chinese Pepper Steak

Another day when I wanted something very simple, and as always my slow cooker is perfect for those days. I cut the amounts as I was cooking just for Allan, but it was… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Carne Guisada

Allan told me just as I was about to serve supper this evening that he wasn’t all that hungry and just wanted a small portion.  So, instead of two tortillas I gave him… Continue reading

Baked Potato Taco

Despite it being the middle of April, it is still snowing and cold here.  It was particularly cold this morning, so I reckoned some baked potatoes would be the perfect supper.  Warm and… Continue reading