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Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast

This is a make ahead recipe, which is wonderful if you actually remembered that the evening before and didn’t make it at 8am on a snowy May morning, (yes, I am looking for… Continue reading

Great Aunt Florence’s “Strawberry Cheesecake” French Toast (or what to do with the leftovers you create while using leftovers…)

Using left overs to make a new dish, usually doesn’t lead to even more left overs, but this morning it did and it was a good thing. Great Aunt Florence’s “Strawberry Cheesecake” French… Continue reading

Stuffed French Toast – Take Two – Peanut Butter and Banana

A few weeks ago I made stuffed french toast for breakfast. Allan was completely underwhelmed.  I loved it but he wasn’t so keen.  So, I decided to try again.  And peanut butter… Continue reading

Stuffed French Toast – Cream Cheese and strawberries

This sort of started out as an experiment three summers ago.  A friend told me that one of their favourite sandwiches was cream cheese and sliced strawberries. Well, how could I not test… Continue reading

Saint Valentine’s French Toast

It was Valentine’s Day… what can I say? I am a complete sap when it comes to any excuse to tell my husband how much I love him. Heck, I even write “I… Continue reading