Great Aunt Florence’s “Strawberry Cheesecake” French Toast (or what to do with the leftovers you create while using leftovers…)

Using left overs to make a new dish, usually doesn’t lead to even more left overs, but this morning it did and it was a good thing.

Great Aunt Florence's "Strawberry Cheesecake" French Toast

Great Aunt Florence’s “Strawberry Cheesecake” French Toast

Great Aunt Florence’s “Strawberry Cheesecake” French Toast (or what to do with the leftovers you create while using leftovers…)

  • Left over custard mixture from Doughnut Bread Pudding – or you can use a regular french toast dip though this one is extra special and gives a great flavour
  • Bread
  • Strawberry jam – and if you can (because you don’t live in the North where strawberries are made of gold) add some sliced fresh strawberries
  • Cream cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Dip the bread into the custard and saute until golden as with all French Toast the world over

Layer with jam and cream cheese between the slices of toast and bake in oven for approximately five minutes.

Then watch your husband test it first, just in case it wasn’t a good experiment even though it is impossible to fail with French Toast, jam and cream cheese.  (I am kidding, Allan.  You made me try it first!)

And now for why I named this Great Aunt Florence’s “Strawberry Cheesecake” French Toast (or what to do with the leftovers you create while using leftovers…).

My great aunt was frugal.  She lived with her sister, (who surprising as it might be was also my great aunt!) and they had to be careful with their money.  But I have to say that at times it was considered that she took it a little too far.  She used to measure out the water to boil and if even a little was left over it was stored in a thermos so as not to be wasted.  That and freezing tomato sandwiches always seemed to me, as a child, to be a step too far.

But I have to admit I have inherited that frugality, though it only has really emerged since moving to the North.  When I lived in the other North (amazing really that I have always seemed to live in a place known by everyone as the North, albeit on two different continents), I thought nothing of chucking out some left overs.

But here, with prices as they are, I have turned into the hausfrau from that hot place.

Left over rice and pasta… kept and reused.  Nothing is thrown out, bar the “ass” of tomatoes which unless I am chopping them to use in a sauce just seem wrong to eat…

So this morning when making Doughnut Bread Pudding while left over doughnuts (yes, I know, left over dougnuts are words rarely heard in these parts, or any parts really) I ended up with too much custard.

And this is where my Great Aunt Florence appeared in my head, from my heart where she normally abides.

So, that is why this bears her name, though it must be stressed she would have just poked at it with a knife asking “what is that?!”.   One of my strongest memories of her was at my Nanda’s funeral.  In an attempt to keep my sisters,cousins and me from becoming too embroiled in the grief and mourning took us out to get chinese food.  We brought it back to the farmhouse and the kitchen was declared by my father as off limits to all but the “kids” and the women boiling kettle after kettle of water.

Great Aunt Florence (never Flo! Unless you count the American soldier who shocked my Nannie by visiting my great aunt in the hospital during the war who called her Flo and had everyone wondering why the world had tilted.  I often wonder why “Flo” and that mystery soldier never went on to marry, as she never looked at another man after he left.) came into the kitchen and poked at the rice on the table, looking quizzical and asking how we could eat “that awl muck slurry” as it looked like maggots.  It didn’t put us off… much.