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Pizza Wraps

At the moment cooking is too much for me. Everything is really too much for me, but not cooking makes me feel like I am failing even more, so it is a spiral… Continue reading

Pita Pizza

Sometimes I just can’t be bothered to cook.  Sometimes I don’t have time, like when we are in the middle of a Lost Marathon. And sometimes we just want pizza. I had two… Continue reading

Potato Crust Pizza

I love potatoes.  I really do.  I would eat them every day, several times a day.  So, when I heard of a pizza with a crust made of potato I just had to… Continue reading

Pizzert – Breakfast/Dessert Pizza

This morning Allan announced as he turned on the TV to watch an FA Cup Fixture that he wanted pancakes for breakfast.  I went to the kitchen and made the batter, I had… Continue reading

Yeast free soda pop pizza dough

For a while, because of where we are living currently, we couldn’t get yeast.  I found a recipe for bread using pop instead of yeast, and it sounded so quirky I had to… Continue reading