Pita Pizza

Sometimes I just can’t be bothered to cook.  Sometimes I don’t have time, like when we are in the middle of a Lost Marathon.

And sometimes we just want pizza.

I had two choices last evening.   Make a crust from the artisan bread, which takes mere minutes, or grab two pita pockets from the freezer which takes seconds.

Guess which won. 

Pineapple is perfect on a pizza!

Hey, we were near the end of Season One which is further than I have ever made it before!

The great thing about pita pizzas, (apart from the fact they are cheaper than over $20 for a frozen pizza from the store…) is that I get to customise, and it is actually faster to throw together than it is to cook a store bought frozen one.  So we both get what we want, faster.

Allan gets meat and lots of it, and I get pineapple.   Allan thinks fruit is dessert.  But then he also thinks that slathering a pizza in Thousand Island dressing is weird too.

No accounting for tastes…

There is no recipe for this.  It is as simple as grabbing two frozen pitas, topping them with a pizza sauce (or pesto or BBQ sauce if you want to be fancy) and topping it however you want.

I always put grated parmesan and Italian seasoning on top of the pizza sauce.  I make it a really plain tomato sauce for pizzas so I can spice it up however I want at the time.

There was ham and cheese (lots of cheese) on Allan’s and pepper and pineapple with cheese on mine.

Then, of course, the obligatory Thousand Island dressing on mine once it came out of the oven.  Don’t worry.  No pictures were taken of that.  Compassion, I have it!

Throw them in an oven preheated to 450 degrees for ten minutes and then enjoy!