Monthly Archive: November, 2011

Fly Lady Part 2

This is scarey.  Showing my mess to the world.  But at the same time cathartic. I have decided that Part One will be redone this afternoon, once I can get my husband to… Continue reading

Fly Lady!

I am a member of a community on LJ that does (or in my case tries to do) Fly Lady. One member suggested we support each other with posting before and after hotspot… Continue reading

Shameless Advertising

I have another wordpress blog where I try to keep my rambling, so that this blog can be just food. Sometimes I fail and my filter drops and rambling gets in here but… Continue reading

How pathetic am I???

I am in a baking community in Live Journal and have never dared enter the monthly themed contests but this past month I did. And I got into the final (okay all the… Continue reading

Grilled Cheese Experiments

Today I decided it might be fun to try to “tart up” the standard grilled cheese again. I had started this before, but there can never be too much of a good thing… Continue reading

Five Minute Vegetarian Burritos

Allan isn’t feeling great so is sleeping, and I can’t be bothered to cook for myself, but a box of Smarties didn’t do it for me. So, I went to the fridge. And… Continue reading