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Raspberry Oatmeal Bar

This is a really simple recipe which ends with a great cookie bar.  I usually make this with raspberry jam on one side and marmalade on the other to give a choice of… Continue reading

Cowboy Candy Bars

I love browsing recipe sites and this candy bar recipe caught my attention because of the name.  I am a sucker for anything with a cute or unusual name.  Plus, I really wanted… Continue reading

Beverly’s ‘Brown Bread’ Muffins

This recipe is one that I am ashamed to admit was given to me over a year ago by a friend and somehow got buried in the myriad of recipes I had lined… Continue reading

Oatmeal Cookies

Now that we are back to working in the North, or at least Allan is working while I spend my days fulfilling my childhood dream of writing (and cooking!), I am also back… Continue reading


There are many things I have discovered about myself since moving to Canada. I will never have the right ingredients, even if I plan ahead as something always happens, but I am okay… Continue reading

No Bake Banana Cookies

“So, I’ll just chuck these out…” The words that caused me to rescue two slightly spotted bananas from my husband and hide them overnight while I looked for a new banana recipe that… Continue reading

White Chocolate Chip Oat and Cranberry Cookies

This is another cookie dough I keep in the fridge, ready to bake at a moment’s notice. It is also the cookie with the longest name I can think of. It is a… Continue reading