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Tuna Casserole

A simple, easy, filling dish that satisfies the need for warmth and comfort in the winter months.  Barely a recipe it comes together in moments and is made with store cupboard staples. Tuna… Continue reading

Tuna Melt Sandwich

A tuna melt sandwich, perfect for when a quick lunch is needed, but you want something more than a plain sandwich.  I make lunch for Allan every day when he comes home from… Continue reading

Tuna Rice

Tuna Rice; a really fast lunch on a day when it was still snowing in MAY! Tuna Rice Approx 2 cup rice – I used some left over Homemade Rice-a-roni 1 can of… Continue reading

Creamy Tomato Tuna Pasta

What do you make for lunch for your hard working husband when you look in the cupboard and find a tin of tuna, tomato soup and egg noodles? Creamy Tomato Tuna Pasta, of… Continue reading

Tuna Cakes

I am always looking for something different to make for lunch when Allan comes home from school.  And these really simple little tuna cakes seemed like a good change from soup and sandwiches.… Continue reading