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Apple Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

As part of my continuing (and successful!!) efforts to have us eat at least seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day and also in an effort to find a simple, yet seemingly… Continue reading


I love finding recipes with unusual names – things that I know are commonplace to others but unique and unusual to me. Like Porcupines. I just had to make that recipe once I… Continue reading

Pizza Wraps

At the moment cooking is too much for me. Everything is really too much for me, but not cooking makes me feel like I am failing even more, so it is a spiral… Continue reading


Since we have moved back to “reality” we have only been out to a restaurant twice, and both times to the same place, McCabes on King which is about five minutes from us.  Both… Continue reading

Vegetarian Mexican Lasagne

Happy Cinco de Mayo Part Two!Yesterday I wanted to make something mexican for supper.  Something I could make for both of us.  And this was perfect.  It can be difficult when one of… Continue reading

Mexican Lasagne

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And Happy Anniversary to my baby sister and her lovely husband.  It amazes me that my baby sister is so grown up with babies of her own now.  I… Continue reading