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Chocolate Trifle

What to do when you have half of a chocolate cake and no one to eat it? ¬†Chocolate Trifle of course! Trifle is a pretty good answer to any question in my opinion.… Continue reading

Canada Day Trifle

I made this for Canada Day and am only now getting around to posting it. Nothing special, just a flat trifle/poke cake decorated with cream and strawberries to make the Canadian flag. What… Continue reading

Trifle – again #4

Yes, I know that this is getting ridiculous, but it isn’t as bad as my pancake obsession, which I plan to restart this weekend. This trifle was jello and fruit free, which was… Continue reading

Trifle – again 2

This is the closest to the trifle my Mom used to make and that I still make from time to time. This is just a slightly different version with no jam in the… Continue reading

Trifle – again!

What were you doing at 11:37 last night? I bet you weren’t doing what I was doing. Going downstairs with Bob and Echo to make trifle. Posh trifle. Not the sherry trifle I… Continue reading


Ever since I can remember one of my favourite desserts was trifle. My mom made it with sliced up jam swiss rolls, topped with canned mixed fruit, jelly and sometimes custard.¬† Sometimes she… Continue reading