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Slow Cooker Chicken Obsession

This recipe is from the Slow Cooker Central site where it is posted as a dish for lamb.  We can’t get lamb here, but can get breasts of chicken so with only one… Continue reading

Onion Focaccia Tart

What to have for an easy, yet elegant appetiser for Christmas or indeed anytime? A simple onion tart of course! And what better than caramelised onions on a delicious fresh baked focaccia bread?… Continue reading

Toad in the Hole

I served this Toad in the Hole with creamed potatoes and Onion Gravy. White onion can be substituted for the red onion called for. I have no idea why this is called Toad… Continue reading

Onion Gravy

This is a really simple, yet very delicious gravy.  I make it with vegetable stock, but reckon beef stock could add another dimension to it, if you choose to use it. I served… Continue reading

Peppers, Onions and Sausage (or Pineapple)

I went through a period a few years ago were all I wanted to eat was red onion, sweet pepper and spinach sautéed and eaten on toasted, thick slices of crusty bread.  I was addicted… Continue reading

Irish Stew or “Stewed Bugs and Onions”

This is a basic stew, nothing fancy, in fact very simple and ordinary. But it is such a wonderful comfort food. When we were young my Nannie and Mom used to answer our… Continue reading

Potato, cheese and onion soup

This could also be called, “Surprise! Soup!” or “Oops I think I added too much milk when reheating the left over potatoes…” but neither of them sound quite right. Though they are both… Continue reading

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Soup. Who doesn’t love soup? Growing up my Mom made “Homemade Soup”. Everyone who I knew had Moms who made “Homemade Soup”. And it was the same soup. There were slight variations.  Some… Continue reading

Quick Pickled Onions

All I can say about this recipe is: Oh. yes!! These are great on the side, as part of taco, anyway really. I have still to find something I don’t love these with.… Continue reading

Martha Stewart’s Italian Pot Pie

I was determined to make this despite one huge problem. They are pot pies, and I don’t have pots… So mine is an Italian Pyrex Dish Pie. And I am happy with that!… Continue reading