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Quick and Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

These are one of the quickest cookies I make and I have no notion where I got the recipe, it was scribbled on a piece of paper. They are very peanut buttery, so… Continue reading

Raspberry Oatmeal Bar

This is a really simple recipe which ends with a great cookie bar.  I usually make this with raspberry jam on one side and marmalade on the other to give a choice of… Continue reading

Cranberry Jewelled Shortbread Cookies

These cranberry jewelled shortbread cookies were sent to me by a friend for making at Christmas, but we were moving so I didn’t get a chance to try them.  I made them today… Continue reading

Shortbread Cookies

There is definitely something more-ish about shortbread.  This is a particularly light shortbread, made with icing sugar.  The recipe makes a lot of cookies, so I decided to cut the recipe in half… Continue reading

Oatmeal Cookies

Now that we are back to working in the North, or at least Allan is working while I spend my days fulfilling my childhood dream of writing (and cooking!), I am also back… Continue reading

No Bake Banana Cookies

“So, I’ll just chuck these out…” The words that caused me to rescue two slightly spotted bananas from my husband and hide them overnight while I looked for a new banana recipe that… Continue reading

Witches Fingers

I had fully planned to make these yesterday, but the best laid plans and all that. So, while we are sitting waiting for the Trick or Treaters (first two arrived at 6:45 –… Continue reading

Martha Stewart’s Thumbprint Cookies

To go with the spicy Tortilla Soup I was making this morning, I thought some cookies with a bit of fruitiness would be perfect.  I had heard of thumbprint cookies but had never tried… Continue reading

Mom’s Coconut Cookies

For someone who declares that they don’t like coconut I am using a lot of it recently!  I credit that to A Boleyn and her magical coconut pie, She says that tastes… Continue reading

Mom’s “Melting Moments” Cookies

These cookies are one of the first cookies I ever made by myself.  They were a recipe my Mom had written in blue ink on the yellow pages of her recipe book.  The… Continue reading