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Easy Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

Since we moved all I have been doing is working, which is great as I love writing, but it meant that I didn’t get to spend much time with Allan on his break… Continue reading

Pear Cobbler

I make this as a comfort dessert one evening when Allan was away on a conference for a week.  I didn’t plan to eat almost half of it in one day, but somehow… Continue reading

Mixed Berry Slump

A continuation in my obsession with “food with a funny name” series. According to the Martha Stewart website: “Cousin to the cobbler, a slump has dumplings on top instead of biscuits, as used… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Apple Cobbler

I don’t like cake mixes. I really can’t see the point of them as making your own mix is just as easy as opening a box and much better as you know it… Continue reading