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Lasagne Rolls

I am married to a man I adore. And who, in turn, adores me, ice cream, pasta and Bob Dylan.  I am not sure that I have his priority list in the right… Continue reading

Martha Stewart’s Italian Pot Pie

I was determined to make this despite one huge problem. They are pot pies, and I don’t have pots… So mine is an Italian Pyrex Dish Pie. And I am happy with that!… Continue reading

Baked Potato Taco

Despite it being the middle of April, it is still snowing and cold here.  It was particularly cold this morning, so I reckoned some baked potatoes would be the perfect supper.  Warm and… Continue reading

Mini Meatball Sliders

A friend posted this recipe this morning on Facebook.  It took me ten seconds to decide to make it for Allan’s supper.  The ten seconds were wondering if we could get some fresh… Continue reading

Ground Beef Pasta Bake

Allan loves pasta.   It is something he always enjoys.  And this recipe is very easy to put together and ends up with a great meal on a busy workday, as I can prep it all and… Continue reading

Mozarella Stuffed Meatballs

After making the cheddar stuffed BBQ Bacon Burger I wondered about making a cheese stuffed meatball and realised I had an email notifying me of a post on another blog I read, HappyLifeHappyWife… Continue reading


I am a complete sucker for anything with an unusual name, like the uglies I discovered last week, and now adore. I found this recipe, on, this morning while trying to figure… Continue reading


I make meatballs a lot.  Mainly because Allan would eat spaghetti every single meal for the rest of his natural life, and beyond, if he had a say in it.  As you can… Continue reading