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Slow Cooker Chicken Obsession

This recipe is from the Slow Cooker Central site where it is posted as a dish for lamb.  We can’t get lamb here, but can get breasts of chicken so with only one… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Italian Herb Marinated Chicken

When we were moving I had to use up everything in the cupboards; things like food (unless they were special such as the chillies sent to me by Maria and the hot sauce… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

I adore my slow cooker and it was a perfect way to make this really easy Pulled Pork. On creamed potato for supper then on a bun for a lunch.   Slow Cooker… Continue reading

Sticky Slow Cooker Chicken Legs

These chicken legs were so simple that, of course, I messed up. It helps to turn the slow cooker on… I remembered in time, so all was okay.  But seriously, forgetting to turn the… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken Legs

I had to skip the sesame seeds and the cilantro, but otherwise stuck right to the recipe.  And from the adoration in Bob’s eyes and the contented noises coming from Allan these were… Continue reading

Tangy Slow Cooker Chicken Legs

This is not a “throw it all in and walk away” slow cooker recipe, though you probably could and just increase the time cooking.  But, when you have the inclination to brown some… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken

Another attempt to make the chicken that appears on the menu at least three times a week a bit more exciting.  I don’t really like using soup in a dish, but there was… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped Potatoes are one of my husband’s favourite ways to eat potatoes, and I love my slow cooker.  So this is a great recipe for me.  Scalloped potatoes made in the slow cooker.… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Berry Chocolate Pudding

I love my slow cooker and I love fruit desserts.  So this was a definite maker! I didn’t have boysenberries, the only berries here are frozen mixed berries, but I figured that wouldn’t… Continue reading

Irish Stew or “Stewed Bugs and Onions”

This is a basic stew, nothing fancy, in fact very simple and ordinary. But it is such a wonderful comfort food. When we were young my Nannie and Mom used to answer our… Continue reading