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Handmade Jewellery

A good friend of mine has just started to sell jewellery that she makes. It is all custom made and designed, the colours and size are all negotiated before she makes each piece. Her… Continue reading

Valentine Card

This was my one of my first attempts at card making.  It was for Valentine’s Day and I wanted to incorporate hearts into the design without making them all hearts and flowers.  … Continue reading

Christmas Thank You Card

This was my first attempt at card making, and it was thank you cards for Christmas gifts last year.  I didn’t have fancy stamps or cutters, just a fine point marker and the… Continue reading

Thank You Card

I decided a while ago to get into card making.  Then we promptly moved to another fly in rez which meant we had to put most of our belongings into another storage unit. … Continue reading

Hanging Hearts

I made these hanging hearts before we were married.  I knew we would be living in a fly in community so would be very limited in the amount of things we could bring… Continue reading

Tied Quilt

I have problems sleeping.  I can’t work out whether it is because I am far from good and therefore don’t deserve the sleep of the innocent or because I don’t seem to need… Continue reading

Saint Valentine’s Gift Book

We have been married for almost four years,  and one of the things Allan found bizarre about me is my love of celebrating everything. I particularly love giving gifts, for every occasion.  I… Continue reading