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Bacon, Peanut Butter, Beef and Vegetable Birthday Cake… for a birthday pup

Echo was three at the weekend, so I made her a cake with all of her favourite things.  Though, she did point out I forgot the chicken and ribs… This is very easy… Continue reading

Puppy Cinnamon Bun Bites Treats

I love my pups, and even though I will deny ever admitting this, they are a wee bit spoilt.  For example when Bob is told to sit for a treat he jumps up… Continue reading

Paw-some Biscuits

Bob and Echo, my puppies, could be accused of being spoilt.  I don’t agree, but it could be said, and actually has been said by Allan, but with no foundation at all in… Continue reading

Cheesy Garlic Chunks Dog Cookies

I made Bob cookies this morning. It might be said that Bob is spoilt.  Not by Bob, of course, because he is convinced that he has a hard life and never gets anything… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Bobby!

Our puppy, Bobby, more commonly known as Bob, was one in October past.  Of course, being that he is not actually a dog but instead my baby, his first birthday had to be… Continue reading