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Chocolate Banana Cake

This is a great recipe, but unfortunately I can’t properly credit it as I got an iPad. And I found the recipe using it, but can’t figure out how to find it again… Continue reading

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

When I was growing up my mom made a great ‘all in one bowl’ chocolate cake.  I got the recipe and stored it safely on my laptop with all of my grandmother’s recipes… Continue reading

Nigella Lawson Chocolate Fudge Cake

I am always trying out new chocolate cake recipes, partly because Allan loves chocolate cake and I am waiting for him to exclaim on taking a bite “Gadzooks! You have it!”.  Never going… Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Cake

This was a chocolate banana cake recipe that I kept almost two years ago from a blog I used to enjoy reading, all about camp fire cooking. It somehow got lost amongst the… Continue reading

Chocolate Trifle

What to do when you have half of a chocolate cake and no one to eat it?  Chocolate Trifle of course! Trifle is a pretty good answer to any question in my opinion.… Continue reading

Double Chocolate Pudding

This is a great chocolate pudding on its own, or even better as part of a Chocolate Trifle! Double Chocolate Pudding 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 2 Tbsp cornstarch Pinch… Continue reading

Anne Burrell’s Hot Chocolate

There is nothing like a mug of hot chocolate on a snowy April evening.  This is a really rich hot chocolate that doesn’t need cream or marshmallows to be luxurious, it is luxurious… Continue reading

“The Kids’ Chocolate Cake”

I found this recipe for a chocolate cake from 1950.  It was described as “the kids’ cake” as the mom of the house made a spice cake for Dad and this cake for… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Berry Chocolate Pudding

I love my slow cooker and I love fruit desserts.  So this was a definite maker! I didn’t have boysenberries, the only berries here are frozen mixed berries, but I figured that wouldn’t… Continue reading

Chocolate Pudding

I have a couple of chocolate pudding recipes here already; Old Fashioned Chocolate Pudding and Quick Chocolate Pudding.  This is really very similar, but I just wanted to try it to see if… Continue reading