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Blueberry Granita with Honey

Since moving from Allan’s last work location to this there seems to be something in the air, and though I am far from complaining I have been writing over 20K words a day,… Continue reading

Honey Glazed Chicken Legs

I should be ashamed to post this… but I’m not!! It is so simple and makes great chicken legs that has everyone who tries them asking for the recipe. My grandmother, and mother… Continue reading

Honey Cornmeal Muffins

One of the ingredients I have been meaning to use for what seems like years, but somehow never got around to, is cornmeal. It is something that wasn’t common where I grew up… Continue reading

Arabic Honey Cake

There were several lessons I learnt while making this cake. Firstly, if a recipe calls for a 10 inch tin then there is a very good reason for that. I don’t have a… Continue reading