Fly Lady Part 2

This is scarey.  Showing my mess to the world.  But at the same time cathartic.

I have decided that Part One will be redone this afternoon, once I can get my husband to take me out to buy some matching baskets.

So, you will have to suffer it again.  I do, so why shouldn’t you, is my thinking!

This is today’s challenge.

Before – Mount Laundry.  Which is on my normally pristine dining table.  I am so darned fussy about that table you have no idea.  Not because it is great quality but because it is space!!  My husband dumped this on the table looking for something.  I don’t like him looking for anything.  It always ends badly for me.

After – my table!!

And the empty basket, which remained empty for about three minutes until I found his jeans and some socks hidden in the bedroom.

But it lasted for a few minutes and the table is back!  Though, I have now decided to move that tissue box too.  So only the chargers and candles will be on the table.

It feels good.