Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Apple Scones

I have always loved scones, and apples.  Separately. But today I had some left over Empire apples after making the Slow Cooker Apple Butter so I decided to make some of these Apple… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

I had never heard of Apple Butter until two years ago and when I did, in my mind, it was like garlic butter – butter with apples incorporated into it. It didn’t seem… Continue reading

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Soup. Who doesn’t love soup? Growing up my Mom made “Homemade Soup”. Everyone who I knew had Moms who made “Homemade Soup”. And it was the same soup. There were slight variations.  Some… Continue reading

Quick Pickled Onions

All I can say about this recipe is: Oh. yes!! These are great on the side, as part of taco, anyway really. I have still to find something I don’t love these with.… Continue reading

Breakfast Parfait

This is so simple, not a recipe, more a combination of recipes. I layered yoghurt with granola and topped with yoghurt covered blueberries. It was super simple and a really great start to… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Apple Cobbler

I don’t like cake mixes. I really can’t see the point of them as making your own mix is just as easy as opening a box and much better as you know it… Continue reading


There are many things I have discovered about myself since moving to Canada. I will never have the right ingredients, even if I plan ahead as something always happens, but I am okay… Continue reading

Lasagne Rolls

I am married to a man I adore. And who, in turn, adores me, ice cream, pasta and Bob Dylan.  I am not sure that I have his priority list in the right… Continue reading

Yoghurt covered blueberries

As part of my campaign to get Allan and I both eating the proper amount of fruit and vegetables I have discovered that we are actually eating more – volume wise – than… Continue reading

Crispy Bacon Salad

Allan loves crispy bacon. I am a vegetarian. Can you see the problem? It isn’t the obvious one, as I really don’t mind handling or cooking meat.  I just choose not to eat… Continue reading