Crispy Bacon Salad

Allan loves crispy bacon.

I am a vegetarian.

Can you see the problem?

It isn’t the obvious one, as I really don’t mind handling or cooking meat.  I just choose not to eat it. And if Allan enjoys eating meat then I am more than content to cook it for him.

My problem is that my “cure all” for cooking meat – my meat thermometer – is no use in cooking crispy bacon.

And if you haven’t spent years perfecting the art of anything it is hard to make it just right.

But then I was told a secret.

Okay, so anyone watching that particular TV show, was also in on the secret, but I am certain that I was the one the secret was meant for.  I am certain that Michael Smith was aiming that secret right at me.  I think it was because he felt sorry for me, having just burnt some bacon that morning, and having the same last name.  Or once having had the same last name.  I was born a Smith.  Actually I was born A Smith. A very common name.

Boots the Chemist, in the UK, even used my name in their advertising!!

But that aside, (and no I didn’t get any royalty payments for the use of my name!), I finally learnt the secret.  One so fool proof that even a vegetarian could make the perfect crispy bacon.

You simply use a frying pan to cook the bacon, covering the bottom of the pan with cold water, put it onto the heat and add the bacon.

From raw to perfectly crisp in one simple step!

The bacon cooks in the water as it boils off and once it is gone you flip the bacon to crisp it up.

No muss, no fuss.  And no more burnt bacon offerings!!

I used it to top a salad, as part of my “we will eat at least seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day, if it kills me!” campaign.

Crispy bacon salad

The salad was made up of tomatoes, cucumber and leaves from my vegetable patch with grapes, diced scallions, apples and cheese.  I served the salad with potato wedges and roast broccoli.  And some artisan buns.

It was a feast!

A feast all coming to seven portions of fruit and vegetables each!

It was darned delicious! (Or so Allan says, I didn’t taste the bacon, but the rest was great!)