Yoghurt covered blueberries

As part of my campaign to get Allan and I both eating the proper amount of fruit and vegetables I have discovered that we are actually eating more – volume wise – than we were before.

But this volume is good.  With supper we are having a side salad, which I discovered is seen as good by Allan when there is blue cheese dressing on offer! – and with just a little research, or imagination, it is really easy to find new, delicious ways to fit more vegetables and fruits into our diets.

Such as these little gems.

I found the recipe at 1:20am and had to make them immediately, so they were on the wax paper a little longer than the two hours suggested.  But it made no difference to them.  They rock.  And are so simple. Please make them!

A container of little gems!

They were so good on top of the home made granola and made a really quick to throw together breakfast too!

Yoghurt covered blueberries

Start with FROZEN blueberries (this helps so much in the dipping process).

Stir the berries into your choice of yogurt until covered (you can use any kind – mix and match flavors by using lemon or strawberry or stick with something simple and use Greek yogurt with honey).

Place on wax papered cookie sheet.

Freeze for 2 hours

Pop them off the paper and store in airtight container.

Store in freezer until needed.