Monthly Archive: July, 2010


I was born in Northern Ireland so potatoes and bread are something that not only was I reared on, but I love.  I am of the firm opinion that there is nothing that isn’t… Continue reading

Kraft perfection

I have been married for just over three years, and I know it sounds overly sentimental but every single day I love him more than I did the day before.  He really is… Continue reading

Cream Fill Chocolate Cupcakes

These were a mistake… Seriously!  I mean, look at them!  They were so good I ate way too many.  I am never making these again. I made part of the batter into a… Continue reading

Taco Time!

My husband has a favourite quote, actually he has lots but this one is relevant right now, “You never think it will happen inyour own family.” He is referring to me being vegetarian, the… Continue reading

Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

I found this recipe and reckoned with the combination of chocolate and raspberries my husband was bound to love them.   They were so simple to make, as all good cookies are.  They are… Continue reading

Dutch Butter Cake – Boter Koek

When I first moved to Canada my husband took me to visit some of his long time friends. We had a great day, getting to know each other and Allan’s friends taking pleasure… Continue reading

Toffee Butter Cookies

Sometimes cookies just have to be made.  And sometimes those cookies need to be softly chewy and filled with wonderful flavours.  And sometimes they need to be quick and easy, just so you… Continue reading