Monthly Archive: March, 2011

Egg Fried Rice

I wasn’t going to post this, as it isn’t a recipe as much as a method. I make egg fried rice the way I learnt from a vegetarian chinese cook book.  It is hardly authentic… Continue reading

Satay Sauce

In another life time I spent a lot of Saturday evenings with friends renting movies, and bringing home take out Chinese food.  I was a good girl, we didn’t do “going out to bars… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Blueberry Overnight French Toast

I love my slow cooker.  I might have mentioned this before now, but it bears repeating.  If there is something I can make in the slow cooker or in another way I am… Continue reading

Plum Kissed Pear Jam

I made this last summer.  And with the snow finally starting to melt I am beginning to think about summer again, longingly. Bob is hilarious at the moment.  He is munching on icicles,… Continue reading

Pita Pizza

Sometimes I just can’t be bothered to cook.  Sometimes I don’t have time, like when we are in the middle of a Lost Marathon. And sometimes we just want pizza. I had two… Continue reading

Mom’s “Melting Moments” Cookies

These cookies are one of the first cookies I ever made by myself.  They were a recipe my Mom had written in blue ink on the yellow pages of her recipe book.  The… Continue reading

Cheddar Biscuits with Fried Egg and Ham

I have a thing about brunch.  It just seems so cosmopolitan.  So decadent.  So grown up. And with this week being Spring Break I decided it was a good week to celebrate this… Continue reading

Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon

I was bemoaning my lack of imagination when it came to beef chunks when I had a huge bag of it to use when I was given the suggestion to use it for Beef… Continue reading

Mom’s Crepes

When we were kids, Mom made these for us on Pancake Tuesday.  My sister and I were like gannets standing either side of her with open mouths (literally at times, I think), waiting… Continue reading

Magic Coconut Pie

Magic Coconut Pie. This really is a magic pie.  First of all you just mix everything in one bowl and bake it and magically you get a moist crust at the base and… Continue reading