Kate and Pauline’s Apple Crumble Cake

I have to be honest from the outset, there was a lot of stress and “mishaps” with this cake.

I had been given some beautiful heritage apples and was determined to make the most of them.


I found what I thought would be the perfect recipe.  Which reduced the stress, but still, it HAD to work.  These apples were too precious to waste.

Kate and Heather's Apple Crumble Cake

I was going to make it to take to my cousin, Kate’s, house but with being out late with Allan the night before (he is setting up his own business and is doing a lot of buying right now) I couldn’t make it.

Which made me cry, before I even made it.

So, in honour of Kate, and Pauline (who gave me the apples), who never even got to see this cake, nevermind taste it I am renaming it Kate and Pauline’s Apple Crumble Cake.

I hope the person I got the recipe from doesn’t mind…

Then I discovered I didn’t have any parchment paper.  Which was the first time I cried during the baking of this cake.

Because the point of this cake was that instead of cutting the circle and edges I ordinarily do, I was planning to copy the idea of the recipe and just shove a piece of paper into the tin and let it make the edges rustic and pretty and worthy of these precious, gifted apples.

I buttered and floured the tin, through the tears.

I decided that the three small apples called for in the recipe meant three small apples from a supermarket and these wonderful heritage apples were small as in apricot size so I used nine.

Which was probably only the right thing I did, other than decide to make this great cake.

I resisted tasting the apples as I wanted to wait for the (hopefully!) wonderful cake.

It is all in metric measurements which I have always used, until I moved to Canada and I don’t have any scales here.  So, I had to translate the measurements.  That was the second time I cried.

I then made the crumble, using cold butter and a knife then finishing off with my fingertips.  That went okay.  No spills or tears or anything!

Then I started to make the batter for the cake, and realised my butter was rock hard, so I melted it.  I haven’t had a microwave in years, I have a thing about them actually, so I used a pot and then realised the microwave existed.

Why that made me cry is beyond me…

Worried about scrambling the eggs, I let the butter cool.  And cried a bit more, because after all it seemed that was the thing to do this morning.

I folded in the flour, assembled the cake and put it into the oven I had THOUGHT I had preheated earlier.

I decided that being a new oven I would give it 40 minutes at first then test to see if it needed the 50 to 55 called for.

Then I decided to tackle some of the kitchen things that have been beating me recently due to heat and no energy or motivation or anything resembling a care.

I ended up breaking a picture frame.

More tears.

I got a pile of plastic containers to freecycle.  Which was a good thing.

I got the pretty dishes Allan bought for me washed and put into the cupboard.

I got laundry started.  Which involved spilling nearly a whole container of liquid over the floor.  It takes forever to clean that mess up…  And yes, more tears.

Then I wondered why I couldn’t smell the cake, so I tested to see if it was cooked.

It was then.  At LEAST forty minutes later, if not longer, I realised that I had forgotten to push the start button.  It was still batter…

Through the next flood of tears I reset the oven and sat down to hug Bob on the stairs.

Ten minutes later I could smell the cake so I started to feel better.

To be honest, again, this cake is freaking amazing! If I can make it taste this good with all the mishaps and tears and disasters then anyone else can make it even better.  I know the apples helped and I did add a dash of cinnamon to the crumble topping as well, but this is a fool proof recipe.

This fool can attest to that!

Apple Crumble Cake

• 200g butter
• 150g sugar
• 3 small apples, cored, peeled and sliced
• 4 medium eggs
• 250g self-raising flour
• 150g dulce de leche

Preheat oven to 170c/gas mark 4.  (I used 350 degrees.)

For the crumble, set aside 50g of the butter and sugar and of the flour into a bowl and mix with your fingertips to create a fine crumble.

In a larger bowl, add the eggs, the rest of the sugar and butter together and whisk until light and fluffy. Add in the flour slowly and fold gently until fully incorporated.

Pour mixture into your baking tin and arrange the apples on top before then scattering the crumble over the entire thing. Put in the oven and bake for 50-55 minutes or until golden brown.

Once cooled, drizzle the dulce de leche over the top and serve!