Toffee Butter Cookies

Sometimes cookies just have to be made.  And sometimes those cookies need to be softly chewy and filled with wonderful flavours.  And sometimes they need to be quick and easy, just so you… Continue reading

Bread and Butter Pudding

Somehow the next day some of the chocolate brioche loaf remained.  And looking at it made me think of other comfort foods.   And somehow it just seemed right to use it to make… Continue reading

Chocolate Brioche Heaven

Yesterday I was feeling in the need for something luxurious, something to help soothe the colder weather.  Something that wasn’t too sweet, meaning that cakes and gateaus were out of the question, yet… Continue reading

Welcome to Happy Domesticity!

In August 2007 I moved from Northern Ireland to Canada.  I left my family and friends, and a small storage container, giving everything else away.  It was a move for love and one… Continue reading