A wonderful gift from a wonderful friend

Even though we have never met I have someone I call a friend.  I call her Anne, though her name is not Anne.

And today, Anne sent me a parcel that literally made me cry.

With joy

It took a bit longer to get here than it probably should have, but the mail is slow getting here at the best of times and when I received the parcel it was opened.

I think I know the reason…

First of all today is a big day.  Allan is hoping that today he will find out if he is being offered a new contract; work up here is on a year by year basis and today he hopes to be offered another year.  We need him to be offered the contract so it is a big deal.

Of course, being the stress bunny I am (see, you thought I was just a drama queen!) I was in a fluster as I made breakfast for Allan.

So, the Universe decided to let me have a break from the stress by letting me faint in the kitchen and knock myself right out by hitting my head on the coffee table.  Yes, our house is a two room unit here, unless you add the bathroom and furnace room, which I guess I should.  Kitchen and living room in one and bedroom to the side.

I think the clatter of the dishes hitting the floor was what attracted Allan and the babies to my aid.

Allan couldn’t get near me as Bob decided it was his job to look after me and kiss me back to life.  He is a great kisser!  Ex is still learning to kiss on request but in a crisis she is almost as good as Bob, but being a stress bunny like her momma she gets a bit worried too.

Anyway, eventually Allan was allowed near me (it didn’t take much as Bob was kissing him too, just in case he was having a heart attack at the sight of me on the floor) back onto my feet and all was well.

I needed fresh air and a break from work.  I work from home and usually put in fourteen hour shifts as it is on call basis and not per hour (darnit!).

And there I found a parcel for me.

It was opened but it was there.

I think that the reason it was opened was the first item I pulled out…

Mexican Oregano, but no ordinary Mexican Oregano, this is full of love too!!

Mexican Oregano, but no ordinary Mexican Oregano, this is full of love too!!

Mexican Oregano.

It might have appeared to be something other than it is.

Searching on World of Spice this is what I learned about this wonderfully aromatic herb:

” Oregano Mexican – Lippia graveolens

Mexican oregano has a more vigorous tangy bite than its Mediterranean cousins and thus lends itself well to hearty bean dishes. In beefy chilies it is simply unsurpassed, and it also pairs very nicely with garlicky and robust seafood. The leaf size on this oregano is quite large, so be certain to roll it between your palms to release the volatile oils.”
Also, in this wonderful package were a range of chillies that made my heart sing!!

Ancho Chiles, special ones! One with smiles in inside them.

Ancho Chiles, special ones! Ones with smiles right inside them.

Ancho Chiles.

Also, Mexican in origin and described by WoS as:

“Ancho Chile – Capsicum annum

The dried form of the poblano, Ancho chiles are one of the “holy trinity” (together with the mulato and pasilla) used to make many of the myriad traditional Mexican mole sauces. Mildly sweet with a plum-like flavor, it won’t overpower dishes with its low Scoville rating. Traditionally pureed and used in sauces, Anchos also add interest to soups and salsas.”

Mulato Peppers.  These are ones with love right inside.

Mulato Peppers. These are ones with love right inside.

Mulato Peppers.

Again from Mexico and according to WoS:

“Mulato Pepper – Capsicum annum

Like the ancho, the mulato is a variation of dried poblano and a vital component of mole sauces. With hints of dried fruit and a mild spiciness, this chile works well pureed as an enchilada sauce and can also be added to soups and stews. Try them in Pumpkin Kale Enchiladas for a delectable treat.”

These even look like a smile!!

These even look like a smile!!

Guajillo Chiles.

Another Mexican delight and though WoS only described flakes, Anne sent me the whole chiles.

“Guajillo Flake – Capsicum annum

These mellow chile flakes are used widely wherever a well rounded, mild/medium heat is desired. Guajillo Flakes are a classic in chili and enchilada sauce but we’ve used them in everything from mushroom cream sauce to mashed potatoes with wonderful results.”

Hot and spicey to bring love and warmth.

Hot and spicey to bring love and warmth.

Hot Indian Chiles.

This one isn’t from Mexico, surprisingly.   The name gives it away.  Again WoS only had flakes and describe them as:

“India Red Chile – Capsicum annum

One of the best all around chiles we’ve found for a consistent, sharp flavor and reasonable heat level. India Red Chile Flake looks like the “pizza shaker” flake of chile, but being fresher, it truly adds flavor rather than just heat. Also great in curries since it’s focused flavor can hold up to complex blends.”

There were also some little packages which intrigued me.

Magical pouches containing love, compassion and friendship.

Magical pouches containing love, compassion and friendship.

Sazon Goya – Con Azafran!!

A quick search revealed these to contain saffron and to be perfect for just about everything!!

The perfectly timed and so generous parcel.

The perfectly timed and so generous parcel.

I am so truly thankful, excited and about fit to burst.  And already planning all the wonderful dishes that these chillies will bring into my life!!   Thank  you, Maria, you have no idea what your kindness means to me. xxx

And, yes, I did “like” my own post!! 🙂