Deconstructed Lasagne

When we came up here I could only bring a few kitchen items.  And I fully intended to bring a dish for lasagne as it is one of our favourite meals and the dish is so versatile for baking and serving.

However, I forgot.

Worse, than that actually.  I packed it to bring.

In one of the storage boxes that were destined to while away the years until we return to the South.

So, having only a round pie dish I have been at a loss about making lasagne.  Until I decided that really when you eat lasagne it gets all mixed up… so deconstructed lasagne it is!

Allan said it was “interesting”, until I explained it was lasagne and just needed to be mixed together at which point he stopped talking as eating lasagne is a serious business!

And why is it that white sauce on noodles doesn’t photograph well??

Deconstructed Lasagne... or what you do when you forgot to pack a lasagne dish!

Deconstructed Lasagne… or what you do when you forgot to pack a lasagne dish!

Deconstructed Lasagne (or what to do when you have no lasagne pan but are starting to feel like Garfield the cat needing a fix)

Simmer the lasagne noodles until just done, making sure that they don’t stick together.

Remove noodles from pot, draining well.

Make basic white sauce in the pot.  Melt 3 tablespoons of butter, add three tablespoons of flour and whisk well to combine.  Allow to cook for a couple of minutes then gradually add milk, about 1/2 cup at a time until you have added three cups of milk.  Whisk constantly and allow to simmer until thick and gorgeous.  Season with salt and pepper and anything else you fancy.  I chose garlic powder and dried parsley, because that’s how I roll.

Add noodles to sauce in pot, one at a time, coating in the glorious sauce and making sure that the noodles are not sticking together.

Pile noodles on plate and top with your favourite bolognese sauce (or a jar of pasta sauce with cooked ground beef in it, if you are in a rush!)

Grate parmesan on top and devour!