“One Banana” Banana Bread

I had one solitary banana ripening on the counter.  One.  Not enough to make anything with apart from a smoothie, I reckoned.  And I don’t have a blender…

There had to be something, so I googled “one banana banana recipe” and came up with this little gem!

I was a bit doubtful that one banana would be enough.  But it was, and this is a really easy, great banana bread recipe.  I added some chocolate chips,but they were not really needed as the bread was moist and really banana flavoured which was amazing with just one banana.  I also doubled the vanilla extract that was called for, as I tend to do in most recipes that use vanilla.

"One Banana" Banana Bread

“One Banana” Banana Bread

One Banana Banana Bread


1 Large Very Ripe Banana (or two small ones)
1 Egg with enough milk to make One Cup liquid
1 Stick butter/margarine (softened) ( 1 stick = 1/2 cup )
1 tsp Vanilla
1-1/2 Cup Flour
1 Cup Sugar
1 tsp Baking Soda
Nuts (optional)

Put all ingredients in a large bowl together (don’t need to sift or mix anything beforehand). Use mixer on slow to medium to mix until lumps are pretty well gone (not too long or bread will be too firm).

Pam-Spray® bread pan (do not flour).

Fill pan 2/3 full

Bake 55 Minutes @ 350 Degree until Golden Brown. Toothpick test for doneness. This bread comes out quite moist and quite a lot of banana flavor (with only the one banana)!

You can use this same recipe to make itty bitty, kid-sized teacakes (bake time is about 15-18 minutes), cupcakes, small loaves, etc.

The baked bread can be wrapped up in foil and frozen. Just pull it out, defrost it, unwrap and reheat in paper towel in the microwave until warm. Slice it and enjoy!