Melba Toast

I remember when I was young, melba toast being something very grown up and sophisticated. Something my mother would make for dinner parties and serve with pate. Something that my sister and I would hope against all hopes would have some left over for us to scrounge. Not the pate, the melba toast.

Really melba toast isn’t anything wildly exotic though it was named, alledgedly, after the same opera singer who inspired the Peach Melba. It is just very thin toast.

But the day I first made it on my own… I felt so accomplished. First melba toast, now the WORLD!

I haven’t made it in years, but it has been in my head for some reason for a few days so I decided to make it to serve with soup for supper instead of crackers.

Melba toast

Melba toast

To make melba toast you have two choices, oven or toaster.

I always go the toaster route as it was the way my mom made it and therefore the best way (you know that your mother is always the best cook!).

Toast bread. Regular bread (white is actually best for melba toast) slices in a toaster.

The posh way from here is to slice off the crusts and cut it into two to make triangles but today I didn’t do either, because the bread I have is not square.

Then toast the slices again, taking it as close to burning without burning it.

Then allow it to cool and enjoy anyway you choose.