Chicken Divan Pot Pie

Continuing in my efforts to find the perfect pastry/pie crust and to ensure that not one crumb of left overs are wasted, I have been using the latest recipe for sweet and savoury pies and even after sitting in the fridge for two days I have to say this recipe seems to be a winner.

I used it to make a chicken divan pie and even though it seemed crumbly from chilling for two days it took very little to bring it to a great crust.

But back to the Chicken Divan Pie…

I have no idea why it is called “divan” but there it is.

This is my recipe and I am sure that there are many variations out there, but this one suits Allan as it has no vegetable other than broccoli which he seems to be able to bear.

This was a really easy meal to throw together as it was only the sauce that needed to be made from scratch as I had the pastry, chicken and broccoli waiting for me in the fridge.

Chicken Divan Pie

Chicken Divan Pie

It was supposed to be served with some reheated, left over mashed potatoes… but that is another story and a soup as it turns out!

When Allan tasted this he said to me, “I’m committed!”, which was good because he did call me from work when he read my pie crust post.

Chicken Divan Pot Pie

Chicken Divan Pot Pie

Chicken Divan Pot Pie

1 breast cooked chicken
Portion of left over cooked broccoli
Cheese sauce

Combine chicken, broccoli and sauce in an oven proof dish.

Roll pastry to size and cover pie dish.

Bake at 375 for approximately 40 minutes.