Devilled Eggs – Take Two

Devilled Eggs.

One of the simplest, yet versatile, appetisers.

I had actually never heard of them before moving to Canada, but since then I have sure made up for my lack of knowledge!!

I made them for part of our Thanksgiving feast, and they were a great addition to our appetisers.

I discovered something that probably everyone in the entire universe knew, this morning.

If you put the yolks and other ingredients into a ziplock bag it is a lot of fun squishing it, and then you can cut off a corner and fill the whites with the mixture, helping cut on the washing up.

I also discovered that if you don’t seal the zip properly… well, you know how this story ends…

For my mix today I added mayonnaise, mustard, green relish, salt and pepper with a dash of tabasco.

They were decorated simply with sliced cornicons and shredded scallions.

And they were so good! (Modest, aren’t I?)

Devilled eggs, perfect for every occasion!