Guest Post: Bob

Hello, I’m Bob.

Mommy says that I am named after Bob Dylan, because Daddy loves him so much. Daddy says alternately that I am named after Greyfrairs Bobby, Bobby Orr (who?? Mommy says that hockey should be played on grass or gravel and Daddy says that is a girls’ game as hockey should be played on ice, which makes Mommy laugh as she says that field hockey players don’t need pads like the girls who play ice hockey… she doesn’t mean it but it is funny to watch the steam come out of Daddy’s ears when she says it.) or any other Bobby he can think of when asked.

The fact that my sister is called Echo after Bob Dylan’s first girlfriend sort of makes me think that Mommy is right about my name. That, and the fact that since “The Tempest” was released it has been played a lot. As in I can sing the tune of “Duquesne Whistle” already.

But that isn’t important. I get called Bob usually, or Bobs or Baby Boy (which is NOT my favourite but Mommy says it in a way I know it is because she loves me) and I like my name. It is kind of cool, not many fur-kids called Bob around!

Actually that is why I am writing this, not to talk about me, well sort of, but to talk about being a fur-kid.

Mommy and Daddy have told me lots of times about the night that I came to live with them. Sometimes Mommy is crying when she tells me about it, but they are happy tears.

She says that the book by Jamie Lee Curtis, “Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born”, is sort of how it happened. ”Tell me again about the night I was born.Tell me again how you would adopt me and be my parents…”

Tell me again about the first time you held me in your arms.

Mid packing last move… whaddya mean I am too big to be carried around??!

I don’t remember the night I was born, and I know it was several weeks after I was born before Mommy and Daddy adopted me, but she says that the words in the book make her cry every time.

I don’t know why she is so soppy! I am a boy and boys don’t do soppy!

But she likes the words, and she always cuddles me tight when she whispers them to me, and while I pretend sometimes to be too big for cuddles I love them really. I just pretend to look at Daddy and say “Help!” and I know he is just pretending when he shrugs at me and says, “I don’t know why she is cuddling you!”.

We both know why.

She loves me.

When Mommy and Daddy came to get me it was a Friday night. Daddy says Mommy was very sad, because she always wanted to have kids, and they couldn’t, so they decided that if two legs are good then four legs would be just as good.

Daddy says that they had just come home from work, and it was just after 5pm. Mommy was crying on the sofa, in her nightie and that he had asked what he could do to make her happy.

She said she wanted me.

There was a problem though. Where they lived was an hour away from the nearest town, and I was in the nearest town in a place that closed at 6pm. So while Daddy got the snow boots and coats and hats and gloves and everything ready Mommy called the place and said we were coming and asked them not to close until we got there.

Mommy wore a denim skirt and they piled all the snow gear on and Daddy drove way too fast on the icy road to get to me.

They loved me that much already.

When they got to where I was I was in a little area behind a gate and even though I am a big boy now, I was kinda small then. I had just been given a bath, as soon as Mommy had hung up she and Daddy had got ready to meet me, and I got ready to meet them.

Mommy came right to the back where I was and stood a foot away from the gate. She was crying and I didn’t want my Mommy to cry anymore so I jumped.

I jumped right over that gate and into Mommy’s arms.

Daddy was standing beside the lady who looked after the place and they both said “wow”.

It was a pretty impressive jump, but Mommy didn’t say anything. She just cuddled me the way she still does and told me I was her baby and I was safe forever. I think it was then that I decided to keep her safe forever too.

It was a bit scary, I got to ride in a car for the first time and I sat on Mommy’s lap in the back seat while Daddy drove us home. I peed on her lap seven times on the way home. Her skirt was so soaked that it couldn’t hold any more liquid. That made Mommy laugh.

They brought me to my new home. It was brilliant. Out in the middle of nowhere, they said, which I know they loved, and surrounded by woods, a field and SNOW.

They took me out to play in the snow as soon as Mommy washed her legs and changed her skirt. It made Mommy so happy to watch me play. And it made me happy too. And I know Daddy was happy too, because he kept his arm around Mommy when she was standing still and laughed a lot at the way she chased me and I chased her.

Oh, I love snow.

Mommy teases me about being a Bob-plough when I shove my head into a snow bank and walk forward, and being part dolphin when I dive into a snow bank and swim, and making Snow Bobbies when I lie on my back and wiggle around in a complete circle. I love snow and Mommy and Daddy let me play lots in the snow.

Since Mommy and Daddy brought me home we have moved a couple of times. I hate the packing. I like my things just as they are. But I love the moving, especially if we do a road trip like we did from Alberta to Manitoba and then from Manitoba to Ontario. I know we could have flown, and we had to for the last bit to and first bit from Manitoba as there were no roads. I love road trips almost as much as I love my toys. And I love my toys lots.

I know that there is another move in the next year or so. We all want to go back to living in the middle of nowhere. A different nowhere this time though.

Daddy got me a little sister when we came to Ontario. She wasn’t happy. She had been living with people who beat her and didn’t feed her much so when she gets greedy and tries to steal my food I have to let her know that there is always lots of food here. We have six dishes between us!! But we don’t gobble it, we just eat a bit when we need it. We get dinner with Mommy and Daddy and Daddy has a cool question he asks which means we are going to get treats. We love that question!

“Is there ANYYYYYYBODY in this house who deserves a treat?”

Sitting for a treat

It makes Mommy laugh.

Echo is happy now. She got a bath, a new name and lots of cuddles and love.

Mommy and Daddy told us that we were going to get some new brothers and sisters. She called it fostering. She said it would be just for a little time each, and that we had to be good and help them feel happy and safe, too. I knew I would be good at that. We used to take in the wild puppies when it was really cold and I would let them eat from my dish and play with my toys before they had to leave again. And when Echo came to live with us I was really careful to not scare her and to keep her safe.

Now we just wrestle and play all the time and Echo has learnt how to play with my toys. When we get new ones I check them out first to make sure they are safe and then let her play with them too.

Tug Toy Safety Test at Christmas.

Mommy has been sad this past few days. She told me it was because Daddy and her had made a decision that I wasn’t going to get new brothers and sisters. I was sad too, but I don’t know why Mommy was so sad.

She still has me, and Echo. And Daddy.

I told her that yesterday.

And she smiled.

Because she says that as long as we are all together it is okay… it is more than okay.

And I will always keep my Mommy safe. Just like Daddy will always make Mommy happy.

And that, I know, is enough for Mommy.

So, I just wanted to write this, so that everyone would know Mommy is safe, loved and happy with Daddy and us, her fur-kids.