The Weekly Challenge begins!

I have decided to set myself a challenge.

Nothing difficult, but in an attempt to get both Allan and I eating more vegetables and fruits I am setting myself a challenge; for one week we shall both eat at least the recommended seven portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

(I am vegetarian so you would think that this is easy, but as Allan doesn’t like vegetables and wants spaghetti bolognese every night it isn’t as simple as you might think…and yes, he can find grated carrot in spaghetti sauce.)

Somebody else’s arm as mine this week!

I fully intend to keep this up for the future but decided to set it a week at a time for now.  I don’t want to scare Allan too much!

And on top of that, just to keep things interesting I decided to add in a budgetary constraint too.

I have been reading and it seems that in Canada the average for a couple per month for food is around $100.  I intend to track our spending and cut it in half.

So, this week I am aiming on finding out what we spend in total for food; non food items are extra.

I reckon a meal plan is going to be my best friend and will help me write a good shopping list, and stop me buying things that “catch my eye” in the store.

May the challenge commence!!

Wish me luck on the seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day for both of us.