Canada Day Trifle

I made this for Canada Day and am only now getting around to posting it.

Canada Day celebration trifle/cake!

Nothing special, just a flat trifle/poke cake decorated with cream and strawberries to make the Canadian flag.

What it tasted like I cannot tell you.

Because I made a fatal mistake.

We had guests, we ate at the table and choose to have dessert and coffee in the living room.

Then we decided to tour our new house, we had moved since last seeing our friends.

And we forgot that while Bob can eat half a steak and leave the rest to later as he only eats what he needs.  He is a very special pup!  Ex – who was starved and beaten before we adopted her – can’t.  She can’t stop eating.  She is so afraid it might be her last meal (in a house where there are constantly six full dishes of kibble!) that she gobbles everything she can.

She seems to be able to control herself around kibble strangely…

Bob came on the tour, to pull out all his toys and be with us.  He did literally empty all his toy baskets in every room there was one, just to show his toys off.

Then we realised… as with kids silence is not golden, it is scarey.

This is what we discovered…

Kind of impressive eating in under five minutes!

And, yes, I stayed awake all night worried about her.

She snored like a bull with a bloated and very full tummy and didn’t suffer any ill effects…