Trifle – again #3

As you might have noticed I am on a bit of a trifle kick, so here we go again.  There might be more to come.

Who am I kidding?  Of course there are more coming.  I have at least three more lined up.

Oh, trifle why do you torment me so in my dreams?


I reckon that childhood foods are always favourites, things your Mom made when you were little or sick, or on special occasions.

Which is why “yellow soup” is my favourite sick food.  It is packet soup, cream of vegetable and probably full of preservatives and e numbers but I adore it, even though the EU made the UK take the yellow colouring out of it so it is now a creamy, beige colour.  But still, in my mind, it is “yellow” soup.

So take that, EU! And no, we won’t stop having curved bananas!

Okay, that was years ago, but you mess with my favourite foods and I will never forget.


I am a Scorpio.

Now you are warned!

But back to this trifle.  It is simple, and delicious, as all trifles are.  And worth it.  Always.

A friend, Janet, said that every Christmas her Mom made her version a

  • Sponge fingers or sponge cake broken into pieces
  • Thawed frozen fruits or fresh fruits with a tsp of fine sugar
  •  Sherry
  • Jello
  • Whipped cream for topping
  • Sliced almonds or sprinkles or whatever (optional)

Line serving bowl or dishes with sponge.

Top with layer of fruit and a dash of sherry. Leave overnight to allow sherry and fruit juice to meld with sponge (if you can, if not at least an hour… or ten minutes if you are me at times…)

Make jello and allow to set.

Top with cream and whatever topping you choose.

Dive in headfirst!