Trifle – again 2

This is the closest to the trifle my Mom used to make and that I still make from time to time.

This is just a slightly different version with no jam in the sponge.

Layered Trifle


  • Sponge fingers or sponge cake broken into pieces
  •  Thawed frozen fruits or fresh fruits with a tsp of fine sugar
  •  Sherry – as light or heavy a dash as you prefer
  •  3 cups custard
  •  2 cups whipped cream
  •  Sliced almonds or sprinkles or whatever (optional)

It is so very simple, as with all trifles, just a case of throwing the ingredients into whatever serving dish you choose.

Line serving bowl or dishes with sponge.

Top with layer of fruit.

Add a dash of sherry and allow to soak in.

Top with layer of cooled custard.

Top with cream and whatever topping you choose.

Just enough for two...